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Covina Power Lift Recliner

Showing off a clean yet casual look on a small-scaled frame, this lift chair will be a great fit for

Maurer Lift Chair

What can we say? The Maurer BodyRest Power Lift Recliner is flat out comfortable! Not only do the pillow cushions

Romulus Lift Chair

This power lift recliner by Best Home Furnishings is the epitome of comfort. The pillow like arms and back are

Sedgefield Lift Chair

The sleek and uncomplicated Sedgefield Power Lift Recliner is the perfect size for someone with a smaller frame. Not too

Sondra Power Lift Recliner

Feature this stylish and petite recliner in your home. Its small scaled form will fit nicely in any space. It

Troubador Jr. Beast Lift Chair

This gentle giant is part of the Beast® recliner collection. It has a beefed up frame construction and seating system